Bad Boy Running

Ep 173 - Jonathan Steele on a decade of ultras and Hardmoors Race Series

July 19, 2019 Jody Raynsford & David Hellard
Bad Boy Running
Ep 173 - Jonathan Steele on a decade of ultras and Hardmoors Race Series
Show Notes

Jonathan Steele had an unusual journey into the world of ultrarunning many years ago. A competitive bodybuilder and martial artist, the shift to ultrarunning wasn't exactly on the cards until he was holidaying in the Lake District and a sign for a local trail route caught his interest. That route was the Bob Graham Round and he decided to make that his first foray into ultrarunning!

In this episode, Jody speaks with Jonathan about attempting Bob Graham, his three attempts at the UTMB (and why the first one failed somewhat...) and just what attracted him to running some of the most physically and mentally challenging races in the UK, including The Hill - a 160 mile race up and down Shining Tor 55 times!

For many, Jonathan is, of course, better known as the race director for the Hardmoors Race Series and explains where the ideas for the trail and ultra series came from, what the Hardmoors community is like and the best way to tackle the races are for a newbie.


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